A Step in the Right Direction…

Famous consumer goods advocate Howard Clark believes zero-energy pre-fabricated homes are very much a part of our future.  Electric bills were not as important in the 80’s and 90’s as they are today.  He cites Warren Buffet’s investments in the modular/prefab industry as proof big time investors are taking note of the potential for energy efficient modular housing.   Many people have invested in solar energy, among other types of green energy, which can create power that can actually be sold back to the power company instead of paying the power companies for electricity!
Energy efficient green homes also use solar passive design strategies like placing windows strategically to maximize sunlight and shade effectively.   Insulation is also a key; spray foam insulation is also “airtight” another main component of an energy star home.   Although many old school builders prefer wall studs built 16” on center, 24’ on center actually is more energy efficient because there is more insulation and the wall stud itself has a low R-value.

You don’t have to use solar power, spray foam insulation and myriad other upgrades to build an efficient home.   Energy Star rated options, fluorescent lighting,  extra caulking and sealing, air seals, water saving cammodes and plumbing combined with modular construction creates an energy efficient home as well.

There are many green rating systems including energy star, healthy built home, NAHB green modular system, Casaclima, and LEED’s.   Leed stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  There are 6 main categories that make up a Leed’s rating.   Sustainable Sites, Materials and Resources, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation and Design. Obviously this can get extremely complex and you will need a certified builder to tackle this challenge.   The certification for the home rating is based on points: Gold, Silver, and Platinum.  If you are fortunate enough to construct a Leed’s certified modular building, you know you have invested in one of the greenest, most efficient, well designed, and environmentally friendly homes in the world.   Finally, there is oodles of information about these rating systems, all you have to do is look!
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