Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my free consultation?
On average you should receive a phone call within 48 hours. However, each Contractor responds to requests at a different pace. Typically, you may be contacted within just minutes of your request and up to 48 hours at maximum.

Are these Building/Contractors qualified?
The participating contracts are required to meet any necessary Licensing and Certifications as required by State and Local Laws.

Why would I use over a telephone book?
There are many advantages to using this site over a local telephone book.

Pre-screened – A Authorized Dealer is Pre-screened, Licensed and Insured.  We have already prescreened the dealer now all you have to do is qualify them further.

Current Database – The database on is current and updated on a daily basis. Most telephone books are updated only once a year. In fact, often you will find that telephone books list Contractors that are no longer in business and/or telephone numbers that have been changed.

Further Reach – spans from your local area to almost anywhere. Chances are that your telephone book cannot help you when seeking contractors outside of your current local area.

Cost Effectiveness – is FREE and allows you to contact an Authorized Dealer at your convenience without spending a penny.  Each Dealer is available through our Toll Free number and direct Email.

How do I know what type of house I need to build?
A qualified Contractor will help you determine what type of house might be right for you.

Can I call directly by telephone for an instant consultation?
Yes. You can simply call our Toll Free Number (888) 9-MODULARS and we will connect you to a Certified Dealer in your area of interest.

How can I find a Certified Dealer?
If you would like to locate one of our Authorized Dealers Click Here.

Can I get information on financing and mortgages for my new home?
Yes. You have the option of receiving financing information from a competitive home mortgage lender. Be sure to check “Yes” to the last question on the form.

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I am a qualified Builder/Contractor. How can I offer my services on
For information on becoming a Member for Click Here.