Starting Your Dream Home…

Chapter One:

There are many opinions on how to get started on a project of a lifetime:  building your dream home.  We will begin a series of “ideas” to aid our visitors in their pursuit. “Getting Started in building our Modular Dream Home” is our well researched, experienced, heart burned, and lower-your-stress series of blogs.
We don’t think there is a perfect sequence to get started; however, some issues are more important in the beginning stages than others like:  selecting a builder (Locate Builder on “”), drawing a plan see below, determining your budget, talking to a loan officer, finding land, researching modular factories, reading the many books about modular homes, checking out the youtube videos on modular homes, and deciding on home options are some of the main issues in the beginning stages.  We plan to cover these issues form the beginning stages to the old “turn key” and give solid guidance in how to “Get Started” on this blog in the coming weeks.   Today, we discuss plans.  Believe it or not, prints can cause more heartburn than you can imagine, but it is one of the more important aspects to “get it right”  in the beginning stages of modular construction.   It falls in the category of “failing to plan” is planning to “fail”, and we can give you solid advice to avoid the Pepto Bismo.

First, many of the modular factories have standard plans and the higher end factories customize nearly any plan and/or make adjustments off their base plans to give you ideas.   However, do not rely on a factory to be your architect, designer, or idea source.  They want to build your home and concentrate on building it to code and to a high quality of workmanship.   The draftsmen and engineers at the factory cannot read your mind via osmosis, they just want to get your home ready to build in the factory correctly.  They may sugar coat their words,they know they should do what You Want, but, once they get busy and stressed, you will lose the “customer service” aspect you need to get your answers, you lose the ability to be wishy washy, and/or don’t count on the factory to plain and simply “get yer prints done!”, you need to present them with a solid plan for prints/options/etc or you will be disappointed.   So, how should you get started@!?   Well, good old graph paper is not bad at all.  One could benefit by sketching out their ideas for their floor plan on graph paper while examining standard modular plans to see some of the layouts that are more “modular” friendly.  However, again, don’t think inside the box, all the modular factories claim they are “custom”, it really just depends on how creative you all want to be and where your budget falls.   So sketching on graph paper is a good start.  There are numerous designers and architects that can help you in your floor plan design process.  Our (certified builders can aid you in this area.   Also, NTA engineering in Indiana charges a fee to draw you plan in CAD, the factories usually charge around $1000 + to design (remember, they are not architects!), renderinghouse. com in NC draws awesome plans in Chief Architect, and we know of many others, just add to this blog in the response area below or contact us for more info on modular designers, we know a bunch.
My impetus to scrabble my words on this blog was an awesome FREE web based floor plan designer I discovered on the web which could make my graph paper obsolete. is worth your time and effort if you are serious about getting started designing your dream home.   You don’t have to pay for chief architect or one of the hard to decipher CAD designer softwares. is another free online designing program we recommend- WOW is not all we can say, I paid a lot of $ for some drawing CD’s that expired or: I lost, or they got scratched up, ruined, need a password from the telemarketer in INDIA!  Hit the easy button: these companies are offering it for FREE!

Homestyler by Auto Desk clams they are “the fast, easy way to design your dream home. Homestyler is a free tool that let’s anyone design and visualize their dream home.   Take the guesswork out of home.”   I think they are selling themselves short.   I know it must be pretty good because it is:  powerful, easy to use, professional, and FREE!   By using a “drag and drop” and interactive control of dimensioning you can draw your plan fairly easily once you get the hang of it (takes a little time).    Once you figure it out, you can add: hardwood flooring, furniture, my favorite palm trees,  specialties, anything you can just about think of, AND they have many professional ideas, products, and architecturally minded plans/options that allow you to design your dream home.  You may not be able to draw the perfect final plan, but it will surely “get you started” and take you to the next level.   If you are still not convinced, give me some feedback and/or contact your local architect, (Locate a Builder), or use the good old graph paper and by all means, do it the way You Want!  Follow us on Twitter too.  ModularsDOTcom
Now for the business side of things.   We are building this site and need your input for improvement. places first naturally and organically on google, yahoo, and bing searches for modulars in 99.75 % of America & the world.  If you have a message, comment, or you are interested in advertising – we are easy to contact- Stand by for the next segment of “Getting Started in building our Modular Dream Home@!”!